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2018 NCJLA Boys Lacrosse Stick Head (crosse) Dimensions

In 2018, new stick head dimension rules kick in.  Essentially, the NFHS standard is eliminated, and the NCAA stick head dimensions are adopted for all levels.
The NCJLA uses the NFHS rules with modifications, which requires the new stick head dimensions.  However, in 2018, at all youth levels, players will be allowed to use a 2017 or 2018 NFHS stick head.
All NCJLA youth divisions will use the new stick dimension starting in the 2019 season.
At the high school level, the follow rule will apply:
Beginning in 2018, minimum stick specifications shall be as follows:
The measurements for the crosse shall include:
Measurement from throat (inches)
Minimum distance between narrowest point of head (inches)
3 (all measurements)
3 (all measurements)
3.5 to 4 on front; 3.5 on back
Widest point
6 (all measurements)
NOTE: From the 1.25-inch measurement to the widest point of the crosse, the distance between the sidewalls of the crosse must be at least 3 inches.
Rationale: The committee defined crosse dimensions and specifications at different locations to address issues with the ball being stuck in the crosse. This change in equipment will begin in 2018 to allow for phased