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2019 Rules and Protocol Test Instructions for Coaches

All HS-12U coaches must take and pass the NCJLA Rules and Protocol Test for the age group that they are coaching in order to become a NCJLA Certified Coach. These tests focus on annual rules changes from USL and NFHS, along with important NCJLA modifications to those rules. To better prepare coaches to operate with in the NCJLA there are also questions that focus on key protocols and forms that all NCJLA members should be aware of and know how to submit. Completion of the tests by 8U and 10U coaches is optional but highly recommended since these tests will better prepare them for the 2019 NCJLA season. NCJLA coach certification spreadsheets for HS-12U are due Feb 9 and 8U-10U are due March 2.

How to take and pass the test:

Select and follow the appropriate link to your age level test.




Use the following resources when taking the test:

Pass the test

The minimum passing score for each test is different.Check the top portion of your test to confirm the minimum passing score.

Submit proof of your passing score to your club administrator for annual NCJLA Coaches Certification. Your club administrator will need to enter the date that you completed and passed on the NCJLA Coach Certification spreadsheet that is due Feb 9 for HS-12U.  For 8U and 10U Coaches the test is not required but highly recommended so that clubs know their members are ready to coach in the NCJLA. 8U and 10U Coach Certification spreadsheets are due March 2. Questions? email or

Good luck and thank you for becoming a 2019 NCJLA Certified Coach! Have a great season!


Screenshots to help you find documents on the NCJLA and US Lacrosse websites

Where you can find the NCJLA Operations Guide:


This is where you find the Safety and Health Tab:

This is where you find the USL and NFHS rule changes for 2019:

We highly recommend you watch the videos.


This is what you will see after you have completed your test: