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Team Concepts 


There’s no “I” in Team!!


Lacrosse is one of the most exciting team sports there is.  Many sports fans refer to it as the “fastest game on two feet”. Others consider it America’s true pastime, with roots older than the country itself. Yet even today as the sport continues to grow, lacrosse remains famous for small-world experiences, one of the tightest communities of any popular sport and for providing some of the best opportunities available to student-athletes.

The goal of any coach should be to allow his players to have fun and grow as athletes and individuals. Should they accomplish this rather simple goal, there is no doubt that they will have great opportunities while creating lasting friendships and memories along the way.

Within the link below, you will delve into overall team strategies, plays and formations. Although this tool is mainly for coaches to use with their teams, players can make themselves more effective by understanding these intricacies of the game. 



Click on the attached link for specific team concept training. http://howtoplaylax.com.