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6. Club Requirements for Ongoing Membership

Club profiles
Each member club is asked to provide a short profile description for the NCJLA to post to the website. 

Club profiles include:

  • a short description of the club;

  • website URL;

  • age levels and gender of teams fielded; and

  • important contact information.

Click here for the online form for a new club to submit a club profile.  To update an existing club profile, email webmaster@ncjla.org to request the link to the specific club’s profile update form.

Membership status

See NCJLA Bylaws Article III for information on club membership, including status:  provisional, good standing, or probationary.

New Club Applications
New club applications for consideration are to be submitted between June and September 1 of each year. The board will review the application at a monthly meeting and decide to formally recommend the club be admitted to the league at the annual delegates meeting in late September. The delegates vote to accept new clubs each year at this annual meeting.  Also see NCJLA Bylaws, Article III.

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