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9. Uniform Guidelines

Sponsorships, boys or girls uniforms

Logos or sponsored advertising may be worn on a uniform but may be no larger than 4 inches in either direction. It cannot replace the club name or mascot name across the front or back of the jersey. Logos can be in the form of a patch, tackle-twill or screened.

The NCJLA board of directors ultimately has the final say in what is appropriate for any logo or sponsorship showing on the uniform. It is up to the individual club to maintain a suitable logo design and slogan on a youth player’s uniform. No references to bars, alcohol, saloons, tobacco or smoking products, illegal substances, or other inferences inappropriate for youth.

Uniform Waivers

Should a team have extenuating circumstances and need to use a different uniform type, color or size the club president should contact the NCJLA Executive Director to apply for a waiver. Waivers should be submitted prior to ordering any uniforms. The NCJLA Board of Directors will review the request and provide a ruling at the next scheduled board meeting.  

Boys' Uniforms

High School boys: The NCJLA follows the NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniforms Guidelines.

Youth boys: The NCJLA follows the NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniforms Guidelines.

Points of emphasis for youth:  a team’s game jerseys body and sleeves should be of a single, dominant color with contrasting numbers on the front and back of sufficient size to be clearly visible by game officials anywhere on the field. Reversible pinnies meeting these criteria are acceptable, however sleeves must be a minimum of 4 inches wide if no other under garment is worn of the equipment. Under garments the same color as the reversible pinnie that cover the shoulder pads/equipment are acceptable but must be worn by the entire team.


The following are minimum numeral sizes by age group:


At least 8-inch numerals on the front that shall be centered

At least 10-inch numerals on the back that shall be centered


At least 6-inch numerals on the front that shall be centered

At least 8-inch numerals on the back that shall be centered

Girls’ Uniforms


The NCJLA follows uniform guidelines for girls as stated in the US Lacrosse Rules. Click here for updated guidelines. Please note that if your team is not compliant with the updated uniform rules it will result in an automatic turnover during the first draw of the game.  Click here for USL Women's uniform rules.

Boys and Girls 8U Uniforms

The NCJLA recognizes that uniforms for this division should not be cost prohibitive. Teams should have a single color top that fits appropriately for the player and is one of the club’s designated colors. Teams may choose to have a reversible pinnie. It is recommended that players have matching undergarments that cover equipment if they choose to wear a pinnie with sleeves less than 4 inches wide. The NCJLA recommends that teams have player names, number etc on the uniform to assist coaches with on field directions and penalty administration but it is not required. For questions related to uniforms please contact the NCJLA Boys or Girls Director.


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