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15. Parents

Parents impact their children’s lives like no other people can…in sports as in every other aspect. Parents, even those millions who coach their own kids, do best by their children when focusing on sports as a developmental opportunity, rather than a do-or-die, win-at-all-cost proposition.

Along the lines of a positive coach being a Double-Goal Coach®, (one who pursues winning and the even more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports) a positive parent is a Second-Goal Parent®, who focuses on and embraces the Second Goal, the life lessons. A positive sports parent demonstrates unconditional love for children regardless of athletic performance as well as a relentless commitment to aid their child in processing the ups and downs of youth sport.

Typical Parent Volunteer Roles

There are league-specific volunteer positions that parent help is needed for on a regular basis. These include the following: scoring table volunteers and sideline manager. For every game played, parents from both clubs are needed to help with scoring table duties (one scorekeeper and one timer per team). Typically only 2-3 individuals are needed to man the scoring table and assist the officials in ensuring the game proceeds smoothly, but the redundancy allows for balanced, accurate, and efficient scoresheet tallying, timing, and game progression.

Job responsibilities, training, and assignments are the responsibility of individual clubs, but the league provides a great deal of support. Rules and detailed information is provided on the individual age division games protocols and rules sheets as well as on the scoresheets. These materials are distributed to the clubs prior to the start of the season, can be found online, and are discussed during conference call rep meetings.  

Sideline Manager
In accordance with NFHS and USL Rules for Youth Lacrosse each team must provide a designated Sideline Manager per game day contest. Please see Section 15 for details.

Positive Coaching Alliance
NCJLA recommends that at least one parent from each team take a PCA online course.

Please see www.positivecoach.org for more information.

Concussion Training (Required for all Parents)

Annually, each parent with a child registered to play for a team in the NCJLA must sign an online waiver regarding concussion awareness in youth sports. Individual NCJLA clubs are required to keep a record of the signed parent waivers each year. The NCJLA may require proof of parent signatures at any time. To learn more about concussions educational materials please visit (https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/index.html). A copy of the parent information sheet and waiver can be found under the Health and Safety tab on the NCJLA home page.

Requirement for Return to Play

Clubs are required to report any suspected incidences of a concussion that occur in an NCJLA game via the NCJLA Serious Injury Report Form or click HERE.

After each suspected incidence of a concussion occurring in an NCJLA game, the parents of the affected player are required to complete a Return to Play protocol. As part of that protocol, parents may be required to provide evidence of clearance to return to play from an authorized medical provider depending on the nature of the suspected injury. The authorized medical provider must provide unconditional clearance to play in writing, on official medical practice letter head, and with a wet signature. The medical providers letter should be kept on file by the club for reference or review by the NCJLA.

Club presidents or the club designee, must update the filed Serious Injury Report with the necessary clearance to play information BEFORE the athlete returns to play in an NCJLA game or practice. Please reference the confirmation email that you received when you initially filed the Serious Injury Report.

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