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16. Sideline Managers

In accordance with NFHS and USL Rules for Youth Lacrosse each team must provide a designated Sideline Manager per game day contest. The sideline manager must be an adult, be onsite for the duration of the game, wear the NCJLA provided sideline manager vest and participate in the pre-game officials meeting with head coaches. Sideline managers are to help model proper behavior and attitude as well as encourage, maintain and manage the sportsmanship of spectators and fans on the sidelines. The Sideline Manager is the off-field counterpart and support to the officials that manage the on-field behavior of the players and coaches. Click here for a more Sideline Manager description details. Click here for Sideline Manager training information.

The NCJLA follows US Lacrosse and NFHS rules regarding Sideline Managers for both boys and girls teams: “Each youth lacrosse team will be asked to provide a designated Sideline Manager (one adult per team, on site, per game-day contest) to help encourage, maintain and manage the sportsmanlike behavior of spectators and fans. These adults would be responsible for insuring that the spectators and fans support the athletes, coaches and officials in a positive manner and refrain from behavior not in conformity with the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct. The Sideline Managers will receive training prior to these contests by reviewing the document ‘Sideline Manager Job Description’ provided by US Lacrosse and the US Lacrosse - Positive Coaching Alliance, available online, or by requesting a paper copy of this document through their local US Lacrosse Chapter. Sideline managers will introduce themselves to the officials prior to the coin toss, and follow those procedures outlined in the Sideline Manager Job Description, found at the referenced US Lacrosse website location. Sideline Managers will notify an unruly fan or spectator that unsportsmanlike behavior may lead to ejection and/or a game cancellation by the officials.” 

Clubs should provide sideline managers with clothing that identifies their position to participants and the public.  The NCJLA provides clubs with a brightly colored vest with "NCJLA Sideline Manager" on the back, one per team, to be kept and reused each season.  If clubs add additional teams, or need a replacement, contact execdirector@ncjla.org.  Orders are placed in early January of each year and mailed to the club address indicated on their NCJLA profile.


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