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Boys Director Update - Week 2

I couldn't be more please that you all seemed to have taken my message to heart, or else ignored me entirely and simply found your in-season stride last weekend. The number of incidents and the severity of those incidents dropped mightily from the previous weekend, and while we certainly had our issues, last weekend was a big step forward. I would love to hear more specific highlights, because while I heard a lot of talk about how much better last weekend was, I only received one actual story, which I will share here.
During a U9 game, a mid-game goalie change was required. The coach for the affected team was warming up the new keeper, who had never played. Two attackmen from the opposing team stepped up to offer assistance visualizing player positioning while his coach explained the basics. The coach who emailed me this story called it out as a great example of "honoring the game" and I couldn't agree more.
With the highs come the lows, and while last week was certainly improved we did have some lowlights:
6, all at the JV level, for fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct
none reported although at least two people told me they would file them.

Bad Behavior
Reports of an uncooperative parent refusing to remain in the stands
Reports of taunting and name calling in a U13 game

There still seems to be some confusion about the cup rule. Once again, there is a new rule this year. Boys at all levels are required to wear protective cups, but officials will NOT be checking for the presence of said cup. It is up to the coach to certify that all players are wearing cups, and if it becomes evident during the course of a game that a player is NOT wearing a cup, a penalty will be assessed.

Game changes must be processed through the game change form. For now, please limit change submissions to games no more than three weeks out. The link to the form is here: https://leagueathletics.com/UserForm.asp?RegID=57249&org=ncjla.org


Please send Sportsmanship Incidents via the SIR form (http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/6490/17228.doc), and concussion reports via our new concussion reporting form, available here. These are important parts of improving player safety in the NCJLA.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Jason Moore