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Boys Director Update - Week 3

Coaches -
The season is in full swing now, and I'm thrilled to hear about the high level of play throughout the league. I didn't receive any specific highlights, but I will count the fact that we are down to 1 ejection and zero SIRs filed as a highlight in and of itself. Things get better and better here in Northern California, so let's keep on pushing ourselves and our teams.
We are still working to educate players and coaches about hits to the head and neck. There was a single report this week of a deliberate check to the head at the U13B level. Coaches, please stress good fundamentals to your players, especially at the younger levels. The head and neck should never be a target for contact, and teaching this at the youngest age groups ensures that our kids will have long careers as lacrosse players.
There are several other issues that have been brought to my attention that I want to address here.
Posting Scores. It is the responsibility of the winning team to post game scores. Several teams have not been doing this. If the winning team does not post the score, it is the responsibility of the home team to do so. For instructions about how to post scores, refer to this link: http://www.ncjla.org/Page.asp?n=73188&org=ncjla.org
Referee Evaluation and Feedback - Please use ArbiterSports to evaluate officials. This helps everyone ensure the level of officiating is constantly improving. See the following link for details: Evaluating Officials in ArbiterSports.
Playing on different teams - players may play between teams provided there is an eight-day period between games played for different teams. If a player moves up or moves laterally more than once, he must remain on the team to which he has moved for the remainder of the season. Any movement of players must be reported to the appropriate comissioner(s) and to the webmaster at least 48 hours in advance of a game so the league can make adjustments to rosters.

Please continue to send me feedback, good and bad, about how your games are going. Highlights, lowlights, and stories are all welcome and appreciated. As we head into the fourth weekend of play, I hope everyone has a great time!

Jason Moore
Director of Boys Lacrosse