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Boys Director Update - Week 4

Last weekend it looked like things were heading up, but as we barrel into the midpoint of the season, things have taken a turn for the unsportsmanlike. There were 4 SIRs reported from this weekend, 2 Ejections, and a Varsity game which had to be called due to unsafe situations. Additionally, I have reports of at least 4 concussions, and discussions with coaches that have led me to believe there are many more.


Folks, this is a contact sport, not a collision sport. The big, open field hits might be appealing to some of you, but they are a real hazard to the players involved. For that reason, I've asked the officials to step up enforcement of high hits, takeout checks, and otherwise unnecessarily rough play by bypassing the escalating multiple minute penalties and moving straight into ejections for flagrantly unsafe play. Coaches overheard encouraging that sort of play will likewise be ejected, and the league reserves the right to impose further sanctions on clubs with ongoing problems with this kind of aggressive play.


On the topic of safety, Tim Allen, NCJLA board member, has created an excellent resource on our site about Health and Safety. Additionally, the American Academy of Neurology released new guidelines for sports concussions this week. Their website, available here, has excellent resources about dealing with concussions, rehabilitating after concussions, and general information about concussions.


On a brighter note, I did receive a great highlight this week which I'd like to share. Two of our teams were playing a scrappy game this past weekend and toward the end of the game, the coach from the trailing team wanted to call a timeout to see if he could get one of his less-experienced players in to get a shot. After being informed by the official that he had no remaining timeouts, the coach from the opposing team stepped up and said that he would use his remaining timeout. The coach reporting this to me tells me that his team's energy shifts immediately from "We're going to lose" to "We're going to try and get [this player] a goal".


As we head into this weekend, i'd like you to all take a moment to think about why we coach these teams. Take a moment to thank your opposing coaches, appreciate that we can get together to play these games, and let's try to find that sportsmanship that we spend so much time talking about.


Also, send me more highlights!


Good luck in the coming weeks


Jason Moore