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Boys Director Update - Week 7

It has been an interesting few weeks on the Boys side. With the post-season looming large, competetion is intense at all levels but I'm pleased to report an ongoing decrease in concussions, ejections, and sportsmanship incidents over the last few weeks. More on that later - business first.

1. We have been invited to take part in the NFHS rules-writing process by taking the annual Boys Lacrosse rules questionnaire. This questionnaire is provided so the opinions of a national sampling of coaches and registered officials will be considered by the NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Committee.


To participate in the questionnaire process, please follow the link below to the Questionnaire menu and select your appropriate sport link to complete the rules questionnaire. You are NOT required to log in to take this questionnaire. We thank you in advance for your participation.


2. If you are a coach or club administrator of a youth team and your team or club has NOT RSVPed for post-season play, please check out the form here and indicate one way or another (yes or no) if your team(s) will be participating. This is very important as we need to set the schedules ASAP so we can ensure we have enough officials on all of our games.

The form: https://leagueathletics.com/UserForm.asp?RegID=60616&org=ncjla.org

3. The latest RPI rankings are available for High School and Boys' 'A' teams. Click here to view.

4. High School Varsity Coaches - you will receive a separate email detailing your playoff seeding process, as well as the process for selecting All-Conference, All-League, and All-Star Game players.

5. Entering Scores - it is extremely important that scores be entered in a timely fashion over the next few weeks, as we need to generate RPI numbers quickly to schedule playoff games. Please make certain your scores are entered as soon as possible following the conclusion of a game.

The Usual

Concussions 4, Ejections, 4, SIRs, 2 (for the preceding two weekends of play)


1. U13B assistant coach ejected for arguing with an official after repeatedly being told by the head coach to keep his mouth shut. One board member commented "What part of keeping quiet does the Assistant Coach not understand"?

2. Two Varsity players ejected for fighting. Enough said.


1. Honoring the game in El Dorado Hills

"I wanted to point out a class act. One of my Livermore Phantom U15s made the 2+ hour trek to El Dorado Hills to play the EDH Trojans only to find that he left everything except his uniform and cup at home. EDH Coach Erickson rallied his team to find pads and gloves for our player and directed the player's father to the local sporting goods store were he could pick up cleats. Coach Erickson really saved the day for our guy"

2. Sportsmanship in action at U11B:

"The game was tight neck to neck back and forth. At the half it was 5 to 5. halfway through the 3rd quarter our goalie broke his stick, the A-team left with our backup goalie stick so we had no replacement. [The other team] offered us their back up stick and we were winning at that time. The game ended up being 9 to7 we won the game. I wanted to mention that this morning because I thought that was some real true sportsmanship, on the coach and the whole team."

3. A great story from a U11 coach:

"We had a double header this Saturday against an A and B team who we never played before. It was very clear from the the start of our game that we were out sized ,out gunned and out matched. By halftime we were 13 goals down and my kids insisted in taking face offs and no free starts. At half time I saw one of my boys heading to our goal to talk to his friend the goalie who was a little upset with all the goals. I left them be and then approached them when they were done talking and asked them what's up. I was told by one that the goalie was upset and that he was coming out and that he was going instead because the rest of the team don't understand how hard it is to be in goal. The two boys proceeded to the side line where they got there half time snack and join there teammates ,then they changed gear to get ready for the third quarter. I'm not sure what happened next but before they all returned to the field they rallied around the boy who had been in goal and said the next score for our team was going to be for him. This is my first year coaching this game and the respect I have for these kids goes beyond words. I have coached other sports over the years. But this Saturday was one of the proudest days as a coach and a father to watch my son honoring his team mate with a helping hand and the rest of the team rally around a teammate and give him support."

Let's finish out these last few weekends of the regular season thinking about how we can all honor the game.

Have fun, stay safe, and play some lax!

Jason Moore
Director of Boys Lacrosse