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Boys Director Update - Week 8

The end of season is fast approaching and the outlook is fantastic. This will be our first weekend of play for the High School playoffs. For those interested in following that, there is a handy bracket:


Once the Youth playoffs are seeded I will upload a similar bracket for U11A, U13A, and U15A. Click here for the current rankings, by RPI, for A-level play.

In other end of season news, I will be releasing the schedules for the first weekend of festival play shortly. As a reminder, details about the Boys End of Season events are available on the NCJLA homepage.

This weekend is going to be a hot one. Please make sure your players have adequate water available and please keep an eye out for heat-related illness that may arise. The CDC has a brief guide to common conditions that can result from overheating:


The Usual: 2 Ejections, 2 SIRS, 2 Concussions.

Highlight of the Week:

"I wanted to commend the Santa Rosa U11B team. They came up to Granite Bay yesterday to play both of our U11B teams. It was very hot and they had little time between games...what really struck me was just how happy and positive they were when we were shaking hands after the game. They were very supportive of our boys, giving specific feedback to players, and even to the coaches as well. I think it reflects a really well run, and classy, organization...they were contagiously positive."

Let's dig deep and find some of that contagious positivity this weekend!

Jason Moore
Director of Boys Lacrosse