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2019 NCJLA Club Volunteers of the Year

2019 NCJLA Club Volunteers of the Year

Each year countless volunteers serve in local NCJLA lacrosse clubs. Without them there surely would be less kids playing lacrosse and higher costs for participation. There is no task to small or too big, all are valuable. It is with great pride that the NCJLA Board of Directors recognizes the volunteers below for their contributions to the league, their club and the greater lacrosse community. Please take the time to thank these amazing people the next time you see them at a game or NCJLA event.

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Rancho Cotate Lacrosse Club: Amy and Tony Smith

Gold Country Stampede: Greg Porter

Menlo-Atherton Grizzlies Lacrosse Club: Steven Kryger

San Jose Extreme: Shuba Gautham

Skyline Lacrosse Club: Monica Yu

San Ramon Raptors: Lynn Said

South County Outlaws: Gary Rosyski

Folsom Lacrosse: Domenic Leonido

Petaluma Youth Lacrosse: Marina Stiles

Tomahawks Youth Lacrosse: Carty Chock

West Valley Redhawks: Tyler Bell

Santa Rosa Lacrosse Club: Jeff Wuopio

Oakland Lacrosse Club: Pat Downs

Alameda Attack Lacrosse Club: Alex Barnish

Scorpions Lacrosse Club: Vic De Melo

Sacramento Lacrosse Club: Cathy Reed


Rancho Cotate Lacrosse Club: Amy and Tony Smith

Rancho Cotati Lacrosse Club would like to nominate Amy and Tony Smith. Amy wears many different hats for our club, and we have no idea how she makes it look so easy! Amy is our Board Treasurer and this last season she was also our girls and boy's scheduler, booked fields, took care of our spirit wear and she was a team manager. Every time we have an area that lacks help, she is one of the main people that says, "I can help!" Amy does it all for the kids and that is so clear in her attitude and willingness to just want to make it all easier so the kids can play, and coaches can coach. She has put 2 kids already through our club and has 2 more currently playing with us. She manages all of it and always with a smile! Thank you, Amy! We are so lucky to have you.

Tony is amazing! Tony is currently our Board Member at Large. He was our club president for 3 seasons but had to change positions because he now also coaches lacrosse for the Girls High School Team. Tony maintains all the field equipment for our club and is always right on top of things getting us ready for home games. He has coached for our youth club for years prior and has taken care of table duties during games. He is a go-to guy! He is a "where do you need me" kind of guy and has an amazing attitude! He always says “It is all about the kids”. We are very lucky to have Tony!



Gold Country Stampede: Greg Porter

Coach Porter (D-1 Adelphi - NY) has been a staple to the Gold Country Stampede for over a decade, taking the 2019 boys to a semi-final playoff game. After serving on the board in several facets, doing demonstrations at schools, putting on clinics over the summer, to taking the Stampede to many playoff appearances and a few NCJLA championships. We, the board, feel he has been a great volunteer over his years to this club and what a better way to compliment this with some recognition from our club and the NCJLA. Thank you for the opportunity to recognize Greg.


Menlo-Atherton Grizzlies Lacrosse Club: Steven Kryger

Steven stepped up to lead our club as Co-President when founding president, MJ Davey,  stepped down 4 years ago. In addition to serving as President with all the off-field duties required, Steven has been Head Coach of B10Uv (2 years) and B12Uv (2 years). Steven is also the full-time Athletic Director at Menlo-Atherton High School, Director of Lacrosse and Head Coach of the Boys Varsity Team and full-time AP Calculus teacher. His 3 boys also play Grizzlies lacrosse (8U - 12U - 14U). Suffice to say, Steven's excellent reputation in the community and many prominent leadership roles have significantly helped the game flourish in Menlo Park and Atherton. Steven is a former Oakland Police Department Detective and since retiring from active duty has been teaching and coaching for 22 years on the Peninsula.


San Jose Extreme: Shuba Gautham

When I decided to restart the Extreme Lacrosse program - it was just me, myself and I.  I had to start from the ground up and create the whole club on my own.  As soon as Shuba heard that Extreme Lacrosse was restarting she jumped right in to help any way that she could.  She became my team manager – Team-snap guru - website helper and lead promoter.  She helped me set up and clean up for every game, hand out and organize uniforms, set up team parties and scored every game. Her support and dedication were so very valuable to me and the success of getting Extreme Lacrosse off the ground. I am extremely grateful to Shuba for her care and commitment to Extreme Lacrosse. She is the first person in my parent "village" and plans to help me grow Extreme in the South Bay for many years to come.


Skyline Lacrosse Club: Monica Yu

Monica has served as Head Coach for our girl’s teams for over 6+ years. She is the most kind, generous and positive coach and a great example to our players. She is also served on the club as our Girls Coordinator for one year and President for two years. She is never afraid to step in and help with any task that our club needs. We are so thankful for you Monica!


San Ramon Raptors: Lynn Said

Lynn's responsibility was to help recruit, coordinate, train and support all our teams' Game Day Managers and Team Managers for the past 3 years.  She built and refreshed the Game Day Boxes throughout the season, was an escalation contact for volunteer situations and was a critical piece of the creating a fun experience on game days.  She volunteered hundreds of hours making sure every team was properly supported, worked to create a positive environment for all families and players.  We were very fortunate to have Lynn as our Director of Team Management and Volunteer.


South County Outlaws: Gary Rosyski

Gary has tirelessly coached our 10u, 12u, and 14u teams on how to play the game the right way.  He has done multiple clinics and summer camps.  He is the brains of our organization as he's the only one who has lacrosse knowledge because he played the sport.  We couldn’t have launched the club and achieved the success we have without him.


Folsom Lacrosse: Domenic Leonido

4 years ago - Domenic stepped in as a volunteer coach/dad as our 14U team needed a coach.  He took on a team of rookies that year and has not looked back since.  Not only does Domenic coach 2 teams (one of which he has no children on) and serve as a board member for the club, he has been instrumental in continuing to develop the sport of lacrosse for Folsom Lacrosse Association.  Notable accomplishments include:1.  Youth League Liaison 2.  Coordinating and running a local league Boys and Girls end of season event 3.  Running numerous beginning to advanced player clinics in the city4.  Rebooting, coaching and growing our 8U Co-Ed program 5.  Coaching a 14U NCJLA team 6.  Putting together a for fun summer tournament team for Folsom players 7.  Mentoring our Rookie coaching staff by developing practice plans and integrating the Rookie and A teams at the 14U level in his practices. 8.  Working with area Elementary Schools to grow the sport of lacrosse in our area 9.  Coordinating outside activities (like the PLL game in San Jose) for our club. Domenic is a great asset not only to the Folsom Lacrosse Association but to the greater Sacramento Lacrosse Community.


Petaluma Youth Lacrosse: Marina Stiles

Since playing for the River cats as a youth and HS player Marina has been a volunteer for our club. When she was a player on the 8th grade team she volunteered to be a guest coach at our 10U practices. When she was a HS player she continued to volunteer for fundraisers and attend the 8U - 10U and 12U practices as a guest coach. When our HS program became CIF Marina continued to visit our girls youth teams and help with teaching new skills. As an adult Marina became a women's game official for our club. She has worked countless games so that our girls can continue to play. Since 2017 she has been our girls 10U coach. She helps mentor the new 8U coaches and her assistant coaches. This past fall she took over as the Girls Athletic Director for our club. She now helps mentor new coaches, lead our weekly Friday Night Lights program and oversees the operations of all 6 of our girls' teams. The Friday Night Lights program has been our fall outreach for the past 10 years. Marina has donated over 200 hours to our club. Marina is a positive female lacrosse role model in our program.


Tomahawks Youth Lacrosse: Carty Chock

Carty volunteers coaching and steps above as a team parent and leader for his children's team and other teams in the club.  Whether helping club leadership with a club-wide decision - coaching a game - or assisting a new team parent to learn a new task - Carty puts his heart into it with a cheerful and attentive demeanor that is a model for youth sports everywhere.  The Tomahawks are lucky to have team parents like Carty and proud to honor Carty Chock as our volunteer of the year.


West Valley Redhawks: Tyler Bell

Tyler is our club president and either guides or handles everything we do.  He has been volunteering with the Red Hawks since 2008 as both a volunteer coach and volunteer administrator.  He has been instrumental and the main reason why our club has grown exponentially.  He deserves all the credit for the success of our program and for building and maintaining lacrosse in the South Bay.  Without him – I'm not sure the Red Hawks would exist today and Its possible lacrosse in the South Bay would be significantly less healthy.  The Red Hawks are a significant connection as a midway point for SC and Monterey.  Tyler deserves credit for his work - vision and leadership.  He makes my job easy and he does too much.  He is our club president, coaches, lines the fields, and worked with the town to paint girls' lines on our turf field. He Instituted a field setup program so that coaches wouldn’t have to lug around tables and scorecards. He also runs preseason clinics, substitute coaches (helped me out more than once), works with the towns and schools to attain fields, distributes equipment and uniforms out of his home, moves goals from field to field, strings goals - repaints goals, cleans up our storage unit every year after the coaches make a mess of it, hosts meetings and dinners at his home for coaches and parent volunteers, attends scheduling meetings, drives to fields at 8am to ensure the janitor unlock the fields and bathrooms, redid our club website and migrated it to a new platform, works with local schools to help place coaches to further build the proper developmental framework for lacrosse, initiated the Red Hawks working with local elementary schools in obtaining equipment through the soft sticks program. Tyler is and has been a significant asset to the Red Hawks - the NCJLA and to Northern CA lacrosse.  He works tirelessly on developing the game through leadership and doing the dirty work.  He is truly deserving of this honor.


Santa Rosa Lacrosse Club: Jeff Wuopio

Kids show up to play our great game...but...No balls.  No cages. No cones to mark the field. No air horn(!). No ice packs or gauze wraps. No backup mouthpieces. Grass fields without lines. No game with 2 teams of kids and parents from out of town wondering what happened! Lucky for us - for the last 4 years - this does NOT happen at our club thanks to Jeff Wuopio. His work sometimes goes unnoticed as he does not ask or seek recognition - or much help. It simple just gets done. Many weeks our home game times and schedules change days before the game.  Jeff is on top of all of it lining fields, checking equipment, replacing equipment. Even the toughest job of all...lining fields for girls' games!! I'd like to recognize Jeff for his excellent service to Santa Rosa Lacrosse Club! Thank you - Jeff - for all you do for the club and especially for providing a quality experience for the kids!


Oakland Lacrosse Club: Pat Downs

Coach Pat joined our community in fall 2014 - and coached his first team was us in 2015 - and coached every season since at the U12 or U14 level.  He attends summer & fall clinics that we host as well because he enjoys spending time with our kids and the sport of lacrosse.  What's more - even though we pay all our coaches - Pat has refused to accept any payment for his time - because he "loves what [OLC] does so much and wants to donate [his] time to the cause."  On top of the fact that him and his wife have also donated money to OLC every year.  As head coach he is always making sure our kids have fun - are connected to the higher life principles we are teaching - and goes above and beyond to make sure his kids have rides to/from practices & games - often taking them himself.  He's always there early to help set up and stay late to clean up - and helps all our new coaches get on board with the program & culture that we aim to create.  With a very small staff that relies heavily on season coaches - this type of responsibility yet love for our program is truly the heartbeat behind our success. The kids absolutely LOVE him - and he provides such a consistent source of tough & unconditional love for our Oakland kids.  My favorite example is an 8th grader this year (first year) scoring his first goal ever and the first thing he does after scoring - runs over to the sideline to high five Coach Pat. 



Alameda Attack Lacrosse Club: Alex Barnish

Alexandra (Alex) has been part of the Alameda Lacrosse Club since 2013.  Her son - Devon - played for the club from 2013 - 2017.  In 2014 - the Alameda Lacrosse Club had parent volunteers who were transitioning off the club.  Alex volunteered officially to be our team registrar and webmaster - jobs she has done for 6 years now.  She continues to perform all registrar duties - maintain the club website.  However - she also sends out club-wide communications for all girls' and boys' teams - posts practice schedules - assists with uniform orders - and coaches' certifications and training.  She has continued to volunteer in this capacity with the club even though her son stopped playing for the club 2 years ago. Alex is an integral part of what allows our club to offer youth and HS students the opportunity to play lacrosse in Alameda.  We truly appreciate what she does for the Alameda Lacrosse Club.



Scorpions Lacrosse Club: Vic De Melo

Vic has been our club equipment manager and assistant club scheduler for the past 4 years. He quietly does the work so that our club can run smoothly for practices and games. Vic is a model volunteer and we would be lost with-out him. With over 17 teams it takes patience, determination and a lot of humor to make deadlines and Vic does it with class. He is very deserving of this honor. Go Scorpions!


Sacramento Lacrosse Club: Cathy Reed

PLL 2019 Community Partner Winner, NorCal region

Cathy, like a lot of parents, got involved with lacrosse because of her kids’ interest.  She became one of those rare individuals in the Northern California to start a club, the Sacramento Lacrosse Association (SLA), in 2011, because there was no lacrosse in the immediate area.  She borrowed sticks from the NorCal Chapter and obtained startup funds (loans and grants) from the NorCal Lacrosse Foundation. Her involvement with SLA and lacrosse in general has now extended beyond her kids’ involvement in the sport and the volunteer hours she’s invested in lacrosse are beyond measure.  Below are some of the highlights of her extensive involvement not only for SLA but also the Northern California lacrosse community. New to the sport, Cathy became a student of the sport, attending USL and NorCal Lacrosse Chapter clinics to become a USL certified coach.  Over the past 8 years she’s coached every year starting with boys U13 then U15 and JV over the past 5 years. The Sacramento Lacrosse Association has grown to almost 300 players – boys AND girls.  Currently, and once again, she’s the president of the SLA. She’s been at the helm for about 6 of the past 8 years.  She has been instrumental in finding coaches, getting them trained as well as recruiting adults and kids to enter the ranks of officials not to mention all of the other activities a club president covers. Her drive to expose kids to lacrosse beyond her club is unprecedented in recent times.  Starting with PE grants from US Lacrosse and soliciting equipment grants from the NorCal chapter, over the past 4 years, she as well as the 20+ other coaches she coaxed to help her have introduced soft stick lacrosse to over 35 elementary schools and numerous PE teachers in the San Juan School district reaching well over 6,000 kids. Like other NCJLA clubs she’s held SLA’s share of local clinics, but she also reached out to US Lacrosse to have a Sankofa Clinic held in Sacramento area in March 2019 in order to reach a locale and populous that would typically not have exposure to lacrosse. Over 100 kids from 7-17 participated.  Some joined local lacrosse clubs. In July 2017, she assisted with the MLL All Star game local promotion to the SLA and other local clubs. She’s organization PLL watch parties not only for her club but assisted other NCJLA clubs in the Sacramento area to hold similar events in their geography to not only keep current players engaged in the sport but also expose other kids and families. Cathy has served as board member of the NCJLA for about 4 years and the NorCal Chapter board for one year.



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2019 Summer Workshop

2019 Summer Workshop

Summer Workshop Presentation
Summer Workshop Presentation Notes

Guest Speaker Notes:
YSC Index Flyer
YSC Index Presentation

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2019 All Star Teams

2019 NCJLA Boys and Girls HS All-Star Team Selections

The NCJLA is proud to announce the 2019 Boys and Girls All-Star Team selections for the 2019 season. Boys and Girls varsity teams in the NCJLA must play all conference opponents and 2 out of conference opponents for a total of at least 10 games to qualify for end of season playoffs and awards. Players selected for the All-Star teams must embody the US Lacrosse motto of Honor the Game and Compete with Class. They should be leaders on their team and demonstrate positive sportsmanship. Players must have passed all classes and have at least a 2.0 GPA. For a complete list of the selection criteria please visit the NCJLA Operations Guide, End of Season section (Here).

 The NCJLA would also like to congratulate the coaches who have dedicated considerable time to learning the game of lacrosse for these exceptional athletes. We are proud of our league members and their accomplishments this season.

Click Here to view the players' list.

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2019 EOS Champions

to the
2019 Champions
and 2nd Place Teams!


Girls High School
Champions: Alameda Attack
2nd Place: Elk Grove Gladiators

Boys HS Varsity
Champions: Napa Force
2nd Place: Woodcreek

Girls 14A
Champions: Diablo Scorpion
2nd Place: Pleasantan Pride
Boys HS JV
Champions: Chico Rebels
2nd Place: Sierra Foothills
Girls 12A
Champions: Skyline
2nd Place: El Dorado Hills
Boys 14A
Champions: Firehawks
2nd Place: Folsom Falcons
  Boys 12A
Champions: Southern Marin
2nd Place: Coyotes
  Boys 10A
Champions: Diablo Scorpion
2nd Place: SF Riptide

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Thank You New Adult Girls Game Officials

The NCJLA would like to thank the 18 New Adult Girls and the 10 New Adult Boys Game Officials who completed their annual training and worked at least 10 games for our youth and HS teams this spring. With out their service the 182 girls and 207 boys teams would not have been able to play.  Please join the NCJLA staff and Board Members as we publicly acknowledge and thank them for their service to honor the game and keep them safe!

Girls East Bay   

Girls North Bay

   Boys NCLRA

Sophia Bucknell


Cameron Felt

  Scott Bialous

Jack Martin


Peter Fiori

  Vidya Bodepudi

Debra Minnigerode


James Peavy


Ben Dao

Rebecca Rochlin

      Don Jones

Bonnie Sorensen


Girls South Bay/Salinas

  Erik Lindemann

Christine Doherty

  Clavin Loveall

Girls Sacramento Region


Bert Gonzales


Juan Marquez de la Plata

Connie Cady


Stephenson Gourge


Dylan McCapes

Jamie Fox


Andrew McCrimmon


Aaron Persky

Steve Kappos


Michael Schaffer


Haley Scolati

Lindsay McLaggan


Morgan Smith


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2018 Delegates Meeting

Thank you to all that attended the 2018 Delegates meeting in September. For your reference, click here to view the meeting's slide presentation.

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