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NCJLA 2021 Season Readiness Checklist 

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2021 Season Plan and Resources


The NCJLA Board of Directors and Club Presidents met on January 26th to discuss the options for resuming play and competition this spring. Below are the plans and associated resources for clubs to use in order to offer lacrosse playing opportunities this spring. Families should contact their local NCJLA Club to determine what types of games and competition will be offered this spring. Clubs may field teams in the traditional, 8v8 or US Lacrosse Flex6 format at all age levels. A description of the rules for each type of game format can be found HERE.


2021 Season Operations Plan v2.1.2021


2021 Scheduling Resources

Virtual Regional Scheduling meetings are in the process of being scheduled and shared workspaces are being developed. The NCJLA has submitted the plans to regional commissioners for approval. Club schedulers will receive an email from the NCJLA when those plans have been finailized. The NCJLA webmaster and Executive Director will be available to support club schedulers with scheduling games this spring.


CA Department of Public Health Resources

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2020 High School All Stars

Congratulations to the 2020 NCJLA

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Survival Guides
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